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Your company is important, we help you promote it.

Our Web Agency has been involved in social media since Facebook opened marketing for companies.
We work with Italian and foreign companies. We deal with teaching in training institutions and for companies.

Learn and teach

Our main passion is to study and understand the new ADV algorithms that social networks adopt to provide suitable tools to marketers, so we are always up to date and we study with them how to improve. We not only deal with Marketing and Advertising , creating Advertising aligned with the objectives of our customers, but we also deal with teaching and in addition to teaching in training institutions we hold conferences for companies or people who want to learn a new job.

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Spot Video

Why are video spots so important? We know very well that users who surf on social networks are more attracted to a video rather than a simple photo and in the same way we are aware of the fact that within an image insert text for a proportional quantity greater than 20% would negatively affect Facebook's standards. Therefore our ADV campaigns are focused on Video Spot and Storytelling captivating and engaging that lead your customer to a " call to action ".

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Advertising on Facebook

We are our customers' biggest fans. Achieving important goals means making sure that our customers profit from the advertising and marketing we have achieved, this is our main goal. Facebook offers a wide range of promotions, most of which, through the " call to action ", link to your website, so we also optimize our customers' websites to offer their visitors a First Mobile view, and not just Responsive as all old websites are.

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Why Facebook is important to your business

The most famous Social Network in the world is of great importance to every company. Facebook allows you to connect with the public looking for your product. That's right, the Facebook algorithm controls a wide variety of factors that indicate to marketers what are the preferences of the users of the social network, such as the places they frequent, what tastes they have, age, place of residence, tastes, places of attendance, what they are looking for on the web and much more. This determines that Social Facebook and of course also Instagram are the ideal means to promote your business, thanks to inbound marketing .

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Inbound marketing

inbuond marketing has revolutionized the marketing sector and its strategies, thanks to the identification of an audience that we can define as perfect for the company. which one we're working on.
How can I reach the perfect audience via Facebook?
Through the Business Manager of Facebook it is possible to identify a segment of the population that resides in a certain place, that has certain tastes and that carries out a certain type of search on the web.
Let's take a practical example. A user surfs the web and looks for a hotel in Grado as he wants to go on vacation to that island, in the same way he looks for fish restaurants on the island. The tracking of Facebook gives us the possibility to generate a promotional campaign by identifying that subject and promoting the spot on his personal profile. So the promotion will be suitable for a hotel and also for a restaurant. Inbound Marketing : be found by those looking for you .

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