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What is the web?

The web is an information exchange mechanism that connects computers via a network. The Web is a function on the Internet that plays a role in the dissemination and sharing of information that is picked up by various websites.

What do you need to build a website?

When you create a website, in addition to knowledge in the sector and a great deal of creativity, you need a lot of things that you will read below.


A server is used to store the data you post on the sito web , it must be fast and have a good memory capacity. After uploading the data to the server, you can publish it on the web.


A domain is meant to represent an address on the Internet, usually preceded by www, but it is no longer fundamental. Once you have a domain and set it up on your website , you can access it from the Internet. If you want to create a website , we recommend that you choose an appropriate domain, perhaps with your company name. The domain will then be connected to the server, where texts and images are stored that will be visible on your website by typing the name of your domain on internet .

Homepage or Home Page

The home page is the content of the first page of your site. It plays a role in displaying the main page text and images that users who visit your website will see. Using a software called CMS (such as wordpress ) makes it relatively easy to create a home page .

How should a website be created?

The work of deciding how, where and what type of content to publish is called structuring, this term also includes all the graphic creation and image study that the website must have to be eye catching. We classify the contents by category starting from the home page, but we keep in mind that a website must be indexed on google , a website that nobody sees is completely useless. Secondly, it is important that this has a suitable implementation so that you can make changes in an elementary way without always having to contact the person who developed it for you.

How a website should be structured

Structuring makes it easier for people who visit your website to see the information. Make the website easy to read so that even people who visit it for the first time can get information without any hassle.

Connect the website to Social Networks

In questo momento i Social come Facebook ed Instagram sono molto importanti per la diffusione delle informazioni, ma anche per promuovere la propria attività tramite un sito web. Collegare a Facebook il proprio sito web è fondamentale. Facebook da solo vale ben poco e se analizziamo come il social è costituito ci rendiamo conto che è stato progettato per promuovere i siti web. Nella promozione ha infatti una “call to action” che rimanda al tuo sito web. L’inbound marketing di Facebook è strutturato molto bene, utilizzando il “business manager” possiamo selezionare il pubblico che sta cercando il nostro prodotto ed indirizzarlo al nostro sito web.

How much does a website cost

How much does a website cost ? Setting a specific price is not easy, it is not like buying a kg of potatoes. There is a customization and a creation that depending on each website can vary. In any case, an indicative price can be found here: website price .

Udine websites creation

Our advertising agency , deals with website creation , e-commerce creation , google indexing , web marketing , social media , graphic studio and video editing and press office . We were born in 2006 and have been continuously training since then, our working group is made up of web training teachers, teachers of graphics and journalists enrolled in the order.

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